Friday, April 3, 2009

The Bedtime Marines

Yo ho, Blow the man down! At least that's what it's doing in Page. As if sand isn't uninviting enough, now we get to deal with near constant 30-40 mph winds which help us experience the sand with all 5 senses. Yeech.

April 1st has come and gone and everyone got a good joke played on them, except Neisha hasn't discovered her joke yet so I'm waiting in total anticipation of getting in trouble. The kids also played lots of jokes on each other because they're very competitive. This brings me to the first part of today's title. My kids are extremely competitive. When they were tiny, they would have contests to see who could ram themselves into the wall the hardest. They have contests to see who can drink the most milk without throwing up, who did the most interesting thing that day, who can kick the hardest (and get kicked the hardest without crying). They compete with brushing teeth and throwing things, and getting ready for bed. This particular time we were driving home and I said to them that when we got home the first person ready for bed all the way including jammies, bathroom, teeth, and drink (you have to say this or they won't do it) will get a 5 minute backscratch. This was followed by a lot of shuffling in the back of the van.
Finally we reached the driveway and as I was pulling in the side doors suddenly flew open and the boys piled out like Marines out of a helicopter in a firefight. The difference between Marines and my boys though are that Marines are dressed for combat and when my kids left the van they weren't dressed at all! They had alreay stripped most of their clothes off in prep for being the first one ready.