Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tis the Season to be Barfing...

With a title like that I'm sure that my literary inspiration will just spew forth. Okay, cheap barf joke. But after last night it's on my mind. Allow me to explain. Marcus-Whose-Bottom-is-Made-Out-of-Springs had his first ever experience with it last night. It must be scary as a small, innocent child to wake up in the night only to see all the ice cream you ate not 2 hours ago flying from your mouth. How unfair! Needless to say it scared the...nevermind I'll skip the 2nd cheap barf joke. It scared him. So what does any good 3 year old to when he is scared? He goes to Dad because Dad always lets him get in his bed when he is scared. Stupid Daddy.

Marcus came and stood right by my bed crying and started to climb in. THANKFULLY my nose was not as asleep as I was! My nose told my brain that letting Marcus in bed would not be a good thing right now and so my brain told my arm to keep Marcus from entering the bed. Way to go arm! By the time I awoke my body had already averted crisis #2 from happening and off we went to have our first lesson on "The bowl." The Bowl came in handy several more times that night and as Marcus improved in both aim and timing he came to show us. Sigh.

In other less gross news we are ready for Christmas!!! And, believe it or not we have snow! Not much but in the desert snow is a rarity. The best part is we're supposed to get it all week! Sweet. The boys recently sang in a Christmas concert at the church and I played my trumpet and Neisha sang in the choir. All in all it was a really nice deal. Alex reports that all he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth (he really doesn't have any at the moment), Josh wants a PS3, an XBox 360, a PSP, Nintendo DS, yada yada yada You get the picture. I told him I'd give him a JKITB 360. He asked me what that was. I told him it was a Johnson Kick-in-the-butt 360 (the approximate rotation of his behind after meeting my foot). He said he's settle for some crackers. That's my boy. Parker is happy because he got the one thing he really wanted for Christmas by winning a raffle drawing at the company Christmas party. It is a Ripstick, which is a skate board with only one wheel at each end. How insane is that?
"Hey Dad, I'm going to go ride my Ripstick now."
"Is that the thing with only one wheel, which if going down a hill you even slightly lean too far to one side will come to a screeching halt sending you careening headfirst into a parked car?"
"Okay. Have fun. I'll see you at the hospital."

I'm sure this is a real conversation in the near future. Anyway, that's enough news to gag a horse. Yes that was cheap barf joke #3. Merry Christmas!