Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Photo Edition

Hallow Boneheads!

Due to the many pictures I'm posting this will be a pretty short post. I'll try to give a bit-o-commentary as we go.

Okay! First things first, Halloween. Anyone who knows us knows that Halloween is our favorite holiday, enough so that we're willing to drive 7 hours to be with family when it happens. Granted, Page sucks when it comes to Halloween (the city actually ENDS Halloween at 6pm) so we just leave and go have fun elsewhere. This year we went to Hee Haw farms and no, I didn't see any joke-telling banjo players. Speaking of Hee Haw though,What do they call "Hee Haw" in Arkansas?

A documentary.

What do they call it in Kentucky?

Life Styles of the Rich & Famous.

Had to throw those in there. Anyway, here are some pix of the kids who ran around a small zoo terrorizing chickens and ducks. They actually caught some and Alex put his captive to sleep!

Next we spent Halloween rigging up a spook alley in my sister's back yard. It was pretty amazing but unfortunately I don't have any pix of it. I do have a photo of the coffin in which Dracula would lie in wait, preying on unsuspecting trick or treaters. The kids would have to knock on the coffin lid and Dracula (aka Alex) would say, "Who dares wake me from my slumber!" and then kids got to dig around in the coffin for goodies. What's different about THIS Dracula is that when he arose from his eternal slumber he was often spotted eating a PBJ sandwich and had to curse people between mouthfuls.

Here are the kids:

And last but not least, the village. It's my hobby, and I had some fun this year creating a landscape display for it. Enjoy!


Ordinary Housewife said...

Love your Halloween village! Where in your house is it?

Anonymous said...

This is amazing!

Sharee from class.