Monday, January 4, 2010

Master Pu Meets the Boneheads

Happy New Years! I have officially begun my resolution, but due to their high potential for failure I'm not telling what they are. If, by the end of the year I keep them I will reveal all then. In the meantime, enjoy the blog.

New Year's Eve was a great party at our house--we had every kind of snack food imaginable, 4 children doped up on sugar until they were literally vibrating across the floor, Wii competitions, Dance-Dance competitions, movies, and two cats. At midnight we had to blow horns outside until we were sure the neighbors (3 blocks away) knew what time it was and then called it quits. Good times, good times. After two weeks of completely non-structured vacation, it was real interesting to watch the boys get ready for school :)

As for the title, it all started when I took a stupid quiz on facebook which allowed me to discover my Egyptian God name. Cautiously I typed in my name and birthdate, and, after answering that blisteringly long questionnaire I was rewarded with my true God name. It is way cool and historically accurate! I can't wait to tell the fam!

Scene shift, Dad and the family having dinner.
"Well family, I want to share something with you that I discovered today, something that I think you need to remember."
"Do we get candy?" asked Alex.
"No, you get to call me by my Egyptian God name..." I paused to give it effect. The boys and Neish stopped eating, waiting for me to reveal what was sure to be the shocker of the year. With my best Tony the Tiger voice I boomed, "Reshpu, God of War and Thunder!"

The reaction was immediate and completely wrong. Amidst the gales of laughter, my four year-old said, "Dad's name is Thunder Poo!" Oh no. Game over. The damage was done. You see, once the word "poo" is mentioned in a house of 4 boys even the most sacred discussions are over. Not wanting to be outdone by a bunch of boys, my sophisticated delightful wife said, "Hey boys I got one. He's got a Master's Degree and his name is poo. Let's call him Master Pu!" Thanks honey, that's tender. In one fell swoop, my God-status had been reduced to poop. 'Sigh'

Now I told you that story to tell you this. Tonight at family home evening I was going to give a lesson on gratitude, a precursor to asking our boys to write thank-you notes to everyone who gave them a Christmas present. Well, as I was trying to get their attention, Alex the comic says, "Everyone listen! My dum-dum wants to speak!" This is how the rest of that went:
Marcus: Dum-ditty-dum-ditty dum-dum-dum!
Alex: Speak mighty dum dum!
Marcus: Dum-ditty-dum-ditty dum-dum-dum!
Neisha: He's not dumb, he's Master Pu!
Marcus: Dum-ditty-dum-ditty dum-dum-poo! Ha!

That's all the news I can bear to write so until next time, stay away from Facebook! It's evil!

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