Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Father's Day Edition

Father's Day, belt lore, and why women wear high heels-

Today is Father's Day. What a day. Maybe for some dads it isn't a big deal. But at my house it's a national holiday! My wonderful boys have been saving up money for weeks in order to get me what they called "the perfect gift". I was intrigued. Even Marcus, my precocious 5 year old has been seen scavenging the couch cushions for pennies, nickels, and dimes. My waiting has finally paid off! Today after church the boys brought in a bunch of presents and in the middle of them sat a huge one. The big one. The present that they'd been saving weeks for. The present that was so big it towered over all the other presents. The big kahuna. And there they all were, pointing to it with big grins on their faces. I never would have guessed, but ladies and gentlemen I am now the proud owner of a giant jar of cheese balls. It's huge! There has to be 9,000,000 cheese balls in there! I could make a garland out of them! Needless to say I was totally excited. Among my other cool gifts were matching hot wheels cars, 3 secret boxes, some nifty markers and pens, a birdhouse (built by Alex), an EFY DVD from Josh and. . .wait for it. . .a trebuchet. Alex built one at scout day camp. I discovered that the trebuchet can launch a cheese ball about 20 ft. So later we all went outside and I launched cheeseballs at them while they jumped on the trampoline. Life is good. Neish got me a way cool (and desperately needed) grill cover. Our grill takes a beating in the Arizona heat and she found the perfect one.

In other news Josh just back from EFY. he hasn't stopped talking about it yet. He spent a week with 700 other 14-18 year olds. He made a lot of new friends, met a lot of girls, and came home a better person. He even bore his testimony in front of all of them! It's amazing what a camp like that does for a teen. I see teens all the time who do nothing but play video games, have no goals, no dreams, and are not even planning on graduating from high school. What a contrast to see so many youth, heads held high, knowing who they are, knowing where they are headed in life. Very inspiring.

And now for the tidbits...
In Marcus news, I watched him learn the art of putting on a belt. He kept trying to stick it through backwards or kept trying to find the loop in the back. This wouldn't have been so funny except he kept turning around in circles like a dog. Finally dad came to the rescue. When I showed him where to start he chuckled and said, "oh I never knew."

Alex and Marcus have become entrpenures by way of the ever popular "Home Store" which is basically a table filled with um, stuff. Usually it's toys that the kids don't want anymore or something they made out of macaroni. But these two have taken Home Store-ing to a new level: they are selling all the stuff they had to pick up around the house! See, they get charged for stuff they leave laying around so I guess they figured that they would charge us for it before we had a chance to charge them! Not bad business I think.

And finally, a lesson in why women wear high heels-
We recently went to a concert and there was a bassist who looked like a boy and I thought he was a boy until I saw she was wearing high heels. I didn't think much of it after that. Well a few minutes later Alex leans over and whispers, "That guy is wearing high heels!" I just smiled knowing at least we were on the same page. A few minutes later I leaned over to him and asked why he thought that guy was wearing high heels. Without losing a beat he pointed to the bass and replied, "So he can reach the top of that thing."

I guess that's all the news that's fit to print so until next time, forget the ladder and get yourself some pumps.

The Johnsons

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Samantha said...

Your kids crack me up. Glad Josh had fun at EFY--I loved it the year I went too….
Enjoy your cheeseballs! :p