Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Village

There are many villages which inspire fear and terror in the hearts of the innocent. The village featured in "Children of the Corn," or the village featured in "The Birds" or the eerie, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood are great examples. My village won't inspire any terror but it was fun to make. And given the fact that this month we're sticking to Halloween related posts this seems to fit nicely.

Most of the stuff you see I carved out of EPS foam which was then painted. I added moss and other stuff for a bit of creep. Turned out nice, yes?

The cobblestone roads were actually really easy. I have a hotwire tool that made it so I could basically draw the shapes I wanted in the foam.

The boys helped me with the mountains. I have a different hotwire tool that makes carving really easy.

If any of you would like me to make you something, let me know. It's a lot of fun and could be the start of a great hobby.


BrewRider said...

Dam Steve! I am impressed. I knew you had skill, but I didn't think you were that good. Ha ha!

Sara said...

IMPRESSIVE! Halloween is our fav too! We don't have anything near that cool though :)! Tell Neisha I said HI!

Ordinary Housewife said...

Is this for real? Did you really make this out of some kind of foamy stuff? I'm astounded! Would you come over and decorate my son's birthday cake? Or decorate my house? or something?