Friday, February 6, 2009

And That's the Tooth!

Greetings everyone! Okay, enough silly banter it's on to business...

I have a confession to make: It's tough being a tooth fairy! Who made up the legend of the tooth fairy anyway? And what does said fairy do with all the teeth? Does she wear them? Does she use them to pave her fairy driveway? Or are they really what's inside maracas? Regardless, it's kind of scary to think about someone who has an obsession with human teeth. Yecch. Yet that's what kind of Goofiness we parents inflict onour kids.
"Goodnight Alex, and remember, the tooth fairy is going sneak into your room tonight and steal your human teeth... Sleep tight."
Anyway I digress. I was saying that it's tough being the tooth fairy. The Tooth Fairy that visits the Johnson home must be kind of old because frequently she forgets to come for a few days. Allow me to illucidate Alex lost a tooth on Thursday and the TF only just managed to show up Saturday night. Every parent who is trying to perpetuate the lie by giving their kid money for teeth so that their kid can use the money to buy more candy and lose more teeth hates the realization that they forgot to do it. So Alex asked both of us many times (over the three days) why the TF didn't come. Here are some of our favorites:
• Well the TF just likes her teeth aged a bit buddy.
• The flu has been going around, maybe she has a sore throat.
• You know Alex the TF has been around a Long time, maybe she kind of forgetful.
• The TF doesn't like Your teeth. They smell funny (just kidding!)
• Maybe she only comes on Saturday night?
* Have you checked inside the cat's mouth?

You get the picture. We're not very good tooth fairies.


Sara said...

I think we might have you beat in the bad tooth fairy gig. Terry pulled Raegans tooth Thurs, and the tooth fairy just showed up last night and only at 2:30am at that! We are so fired!

Ordinary Housewife said...

I remember those years . . . not fondly, but I remember them.

Have you tried this?

"What? The Tooth Fairy didn't come? Whaaaat? How can that be? Wait a second, let me get something out of my purse . . . OK, now let me look around. Did you check here, under your pillow? How about here, how 'bout way down here . . . Hey! Here it is! A five dollar bill! And a receipt from CVS . . ."